About Us

About LRE Management

LRE Management LLC is a diverse real estate company that invests opportunistically in all types of real estate including multifamily, office, industrial, retail and distressed assets. LRE Management invests side by side with its network of private investors by co-investing or forming joint ventures with proven sponsors and/or operators.

We believe that the same investing principles apply to real estate as investing in other asset classes such as stocks and bonds. LRE applies a bottoms up approach to each real estate investment which enables us to achieve superior returns over the long term. Diversification of asset type and risk profile is also a key component of our investing philosophy and we have the ability to analyze all types of deals including the most complex transactions. We believe everyone should have some part of their portfolio allocated to income producing real estate, especially in the current low interest rate environment. Additional benefits include tax efficient returns and a hedge against future inflation.

Eric Londa

Managing Partner

Eric R. Londa, Managing Partner of LRE Management LLC, has over 25 years of experience trading, investing and originating real estate related transactions in various asset classes including residential, commercial and distressed real estate.
He also has an extensive consumer and business lending background which gives him experience for both debt and equity structured deals. Prior to starting LRE Management LLC, Eric spent a better part of 20 years running the day to day operations of multi billion dollar loan and securities trading businesses for various Wall Street banks. His responsibilities included overseeing risk management, business strategy and development, financial engineering and overall management of the business. Mr. Londa brings a significant amount of experience to identifying, evaluating and negotiation complex real estate transactions.

Mr. Londa graduated in 1989 from Boston University with B.S.B.A. in Accounting and earned his CPA with KPMG in 1991 in New York. Prior employers include Ally Financial (formerly GMAC), Washington Mutual, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America and Salomon Smith Barney.